Artistic Expression of a Territory

To represent the synthesis of synergy between man’s work and nature, balance between strength and lightness, perfection between elegance and simplicity, this has been my goal since I started this extraordinary collaboration with the Campanella family, which made it possible for me the realization and care of the graphic design of their products.

Much has been done and much needs to be done to better describe the greatness, quality and refinement of Campanella products through the transposition of the combination of symbols and colors, continuing to exalt what only great and true traditions can give. I just hope it has been able to tell all this.   Gian Luigi Granieri

In the vineyard where wine comes to life, because wine is an expression of a territory that blends together a variety of factors such as soil and climate, geographical position and manual production. The latter is the result of experience and know how that together with a pinch of fantasy allow the winegrower to express himself as no other. For this reason, all our production is controlled and approved by me, with the great support of my family and our enologist Andrea.Claudio Campanella